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Home X Vision

Why have we been building in the last 6 months?


We want to share with you the reasons behind Home X and the philosophy that drives us.
Our team is a group of close friends who have grown up together and built businesses together. Our background in architecture has greatly influenced the nature of this project, shaping it visually and utility-wise.
We have considered several factors in the development of our game, including art, story, utility, and value. We aimed to design a product that would resonate with the public while still feeling a lot like Home. Our goal was to gamify basic web3 practices and stay true to the MvX ethos, while keeping a fun, competitive element.
However, the main question we asked ourselves was: if crypto moves fast, why should we build slow? Why should people earn slow? This issue shaped our project and gave us the clarity to deliver from day one: the existence of a complete game right from the start will give us the advantage of avoiding unnecessary delays between seasons and of integrating updates more organically.
Also, being crucial in web3, community is the true architect of this game. S01 will establish a foundation for the community to build upon towards more complex and rewarding mechanisms. Home X, an ever-evolving story on blockchain, will invite participants to assume a creator, but also a curator role. The art, game and narrative direction should be open-source and the ecosystem should be self-sustainable.
Build first. Deliver fast. Continue building together.
Launching right after the mint, our Play & Earn will allow participants to decide how much time, effort, and resources they want to put in it. We have designed a straightforward system that rewards our members from the very beginning, and we welcome and embrace any type of mentality: of a holder, of a believer, or just of an opportunist.

We are all Home. 🙏

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