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Sustainability & Additional Revenue Streams

In the beginning, the economy will be dependent on the engagement of the existing players and on the new entrants, requiring Travelers or Tickets NFTs to participate. As we go down the storyline, more attractive rewards will be unlocked, encouraging holders to delve more into our world.
Over time, as the game progresses and scales, additional sources of capital will be introduced into the economy:
Updated experiences - additional utility to holders
The introduction of new and improved experiences will grow the demand for Home X NFTs and provide members a social, competitive, progressive and fun ecosystem.
Future collections - increase accesibility
After a solid foundation has been built with Season 1, we will explore new collections releases that will be integrated within our ecosystem in order to scale the adoption of our Home and grow the players’ number.
Also, we will look into incorporating other established projects to our platform.
Future seasons of the game
Updated in-game mechanics will design new ways for players to interact with our platform, gain additional bonuses and also set up a marketplace, which will drive the system to develop a self-sustaining economy.
Future token - Home coin
To ensure a sustainable platform for all, a new token will be introduced, becoming the only currency available in our ecosystem. Each player’s progress will be a decisive factor in the airdrop allocation and pre-sale.
Collaborations and advertising
As our Home grows, we’ll partner with several projects and distribute rewards and tokens to our community.
Exclusive merchandise, graphic novels and collectibles will be made available for our holders.