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Ut = the Galaxy system Sundsten = our Planet Menhir = the Capital City
Within the Monolith walls we found this letter carved in stone, written by our ancestors:
We were looking for a home.
Our planets were growing older, so we, the Elders of each race, began to sense that our time was drawing to a close. We searched the stars, seeking a new planet that could be our new home.
After many long years of searching, we found a desolate planet at the edge of the galaxy, barely alive with the faint hum of a low-pitched sound emanating from its depths. We were spellbound by this sound until it led us to a huge crater amidst a mountain range. Above the pit floated an inverted stone dome, that magnified the very voice of the planet itself.
This place became the foundation of Menhir that would later host the new civilization.
The city met its golden era, being more than a home for us natives, but also for merchants and tourists from other planets who were drawn to Menhir's high vibration and prosperity. As the city flourished, the sound of the dome remained at a high-pitched frequency, providing us with favorable environmental conditions and ample resources to support our way of life. It was a time of growth, of connection, of abundance.
But as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end, so the planet became the target of the foreign civilizations which led to administrative conflicts, increased crime rates and population losses. As our population dwindled and regions crumbled, the once high-pitched frequency of Menhir decreased to a mere whisper, threatening the very existence of our civilization. Our people and the planet were intertwined, their fates interdependent. In order to thrive, they needed each other.
We knew this time would come one day, so when we built the Monolith under the Dome, we knew it would be not only a temple to honor the planet, but also an archive to preserve the spirit of our civilization. In the face of adversity, it would protect the collective consciousness of our civilization, safeguarding a part of each Elder within its walls until the planet would be healed and its voice would rise again.
We have faith that after some time, as the silence will linger, the Dome will begin to stir, a low hum resounding across the land, awakening the echoes of the past. From the walls of the Monolith, Menhir will breath new life into the world, giving birth to you, the First Travelers, new beings that will bear the shadows of the lost civilization, but with no memory of its past glory.
You will live in a world which we, the Elders, have begun to build, while you make it your own.
We are sure that you will justify the trust your heroic predecessors have invested in you, that you will, as we once did, build a new home.