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“The First Travelers” - Genesis NFT Collection
Supply: 3,333
Ut = the Galaxy system Sundsten = our Planet Menhir = the Capital City
After a turning point which marked the collapse of the old world, Menhir gave birth to new figures, a shadow of the previous civilization springing into existence. A new form of us is being born to replenish the lost memories of the planet.
We, as the First Travelers, are part of a new renaissance, but none of us with any trace of memory from the past life. Now, we must complete a series of quests and awake the Capital we once called Home.

1. Rarity classes

Common: 1271 NFTs Uncommon: 1207 NFTs Rare: 520 NFTs Royals: 330 NFTs 1/1: 5 NFTs
Common (Top-left), Uncommon (Top-right), Rare (Bottom-left), Royal (Bottom-right)
1/1 Traveler

2. Skin

In the beginning, when Ut was formed, it was said that the first beings were created from the elements of nature.
Oasisrich brown skin that matched the earth from which they were born Zabedialight brown skin that reflected the warmth of the sun Almurgrey skin that mirrored the rocky mountains from which they emerged Munthuwere born from the sandy beaches and coral reefs of the ocean, their beige skin reflecting the colors of the sea Imperialyellow skin, were born from the fertile soils of the plains Abnus created from the deep blue waters of the lakes and rivers Ditaniwere born from the lush green forests, with their purple skin mirroring the vibrant hues of the flowers and trees around them Mabonpink skin that sparkled like the precious gems found in their mines

3. Eyes

A powerful feature that unlocks their true identity — a window to their soul.
A wide variety of traits, each having multiple colors, has created a multifaceted and complex collection.
Examples: Closed, Angry, Committed, Confident, Determined, Friendly, Mysterious, Rough, Unpredictable

4. Nose & Mouth

Faithful companions to the eyes, they enhance the wide range of a Traveler’s emotions.
Nose: Long, Narrow, Pierced, Round, Short etc. Mouth: Bold, Charismatic, Rose, Tattooed, Thin etc.

5. Skinmarks

These subtle yet powerful markings complement the skin feature, reflecting the Traveler’s history. Each tells a story and become a true testament of his journey.
Examples: Arrows, Beads, Blades, Cage, Necktat, Mask, Sun, Wings

6. Base & Headpiece

They define the Traveler’s class and rarity. There are 17 distinct sets, some of which have up to 16 different colorways, while the Rare features 6 special colorways in addition to those found in the Royals category (unique patterns) and in the Elders class (black, gold and glow).
Bases: Common-Uncommon-Rare-Royal & Elders (Left to Right)
Headpieces: Common-Uncommon-Rare-Royal-Elders (Top to Bottom)
These traits can be combined with each other or form sets on their own. Each set is named after gods of ancient cultures, and each piece after historical garments.
Aurora base : Aurora Frock + headpiece: Aurora Dixie Aellobase : Aello Cloak + headpiece: Aello Chapel Atlasbase : Atlas Plackart + headpiece: Atlas Morion

7. The Elders

In the past civilization, the Elders had found the Dome, which marked the origin point of Menhir, our future Capital. Distinguished by their gold headpieces, they are a symbol of a select group who shared our vision and built the foundation of this Home.
Elders Bases & Headpieces

8. Eyewear & Accessories

Uncommon and rare traits, they are a subtle touch that defines the rarity of the classes. The glowing X, a sign of our Home, is only featured in the Royals and Elders.

9. Backgrounds

They play a vital role in establishing the rarity and class of the Travelers, each one of them having its own color palette and its own history — reflections of the Capital’s culture and its surroundings.
They are all carefully crafted to portray various Lands from Sundsten, while other more royal and majestic, embody the grandeur and elegance of the Capital’s architecture.
Common/Uncommon/Rare (Left), Royal (Center), Elders (Right)
Common backgrounds: Blizzard, Botanical, Cloud, Marble, Volcano etc. Royal backgrounds: Fractal Flames, Harmonic Waves, Infinite Portals, Circles of Creation, Circles of Illumination, Symmetrical Realms etc. Elders backgrounds: Celestial Map, Gothic Revival, Orbital Resonance, Sacred Heart, Stellar Clouds etc.

10. Overlays

These special traits symbolize the foreign lands in which the Capital spread and shatter its consciousness, adding depth and complexity to the Traveler.

With over 600+ traits, only 3,333 NFTs have been generated. We want to create an entire world around the Travelers and set a standard for high level digital artwork.

The issuer of the NFTs is DEBOTT STUDIO S.R.L., a limited liability company incorporated and registered under Romanian laws, registered with Bucharest Trade Registry under number J40/8943/2023, having fiscal code 48160430, whose registered office is at 18 Sold Ghiță Șerban street, building 8E, entrance A, 3rd floor, ap. 13, District 3, Bucharest, Romania (the ’’Issuer’’).
The NFTs’ holders will not have any kind of property, rights, equity nor any kind of values in any of the Ecosystem’s entities, the Issuer or any related companies or partners/collaborators.
The NFTs are not backed by fiat or other physical assets which could be categorized as securities. The NFTs are not securities or other types of financial instruments.
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