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Short-term roadmap:

  • Game S01 development
  • MvX Partnerships
  • Community building
  • Mint of “The First Travelers” collection
  • Launch of S01
    • Start of the weekly system
    • Reward holders
    • Reward players
    • Lore development
    • Community feedback
  • Mobile version update
  • Rewards mechanics updates
    • Ranking system
    • Leaderboard
  • Quests updates
    • Expand our world
    • Advance the system - Puzzle quests
    • Community feedback
  • Community DAO
    • Governance power
    • Members take a creator/curator role
  • S02 development
    • Expand the team
    • Start design - Team & Community DAO’s creative direction
The short-term roadmap is a game-oriented timeline and highlights parts of the S01 updates and release schedule.
We will deliver the first chapter of Home X and once the Trials begin, updates to the quests system will become available and the Lore will take a center stage, tying everything together.
Designing a straightforward system and launching right after the mint, will give us the advantage of avoiding unecessary delays and of integrating updates more organically.
Establishing a solid foundation will enable us to work together with our community to build upon it and to advance the project’s system towards more complex and rewarding mechanics. Expanding our universe, we can invite members to assume a creator and a curator role.

Long-term vision:

The long-term vision of Home X portrays the project as an artistic, community-centric brand.
Given our background, we will expand Home X beyond its game, by evolving its artistic and utility umbrella. It will convert to an artistic hub, gathering a cohesive group of minds from both inside and outside of digital space.
Home X is designed to be powered by a community of collectors, builders and artists.
  • Studio & Gallery
    • Platform for artists from both digital and non-digital space
    • Community activations through a digital and physical gallery and studio
  • Partnerships
    • Future collaborations with both web2 and web3 brands, cross-chain partnerships and IRL exhibitions
Content is what attracts people outside of this ecosystem and builds emotion.
We have to deliver a message in order for the products to make sense.
The nature of our branding, vision and utility lies on the border of web3 and web2, making it our mission to move towards both and bridge the gap.