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We are a team based mainly in Romania, coming from ETH, Tezos and Solana ecosystems. Studying architecture, computer science, business and psychology, we aim to bring all creative disciplines into one
Flat White: Team Lead - extensive experience in building and leading Art & Design projects. Devoted to business development. Master’s Degree in Architecture.
Crown Syndrome: Lead Artist - illustrator and graphic designer from ETH, Tezos and Solana with over 75k followers on social media platforms. His artworks have been selected to be displayed at NFT.NYC 2023, the leading NFT Event supported by Coinbase, BAYC, Doodles, Polygon and many more.
Wzrd: Lead developer - Full-stack developer, focused on blockchain development and quality web apps. Master’s Degree in Computer Science & Engineering. Co-founder of a tech start-up that utilized satellite data analysis to solve agricultural production challenges.
Nervana: Tech consultant - Worked for Amazon Robotics in the past. Currently holds a position of Starlink Software Engineer at SpaceX. Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science & Engineering.
Obe: Communication Lead - Branding and marketing roles in the field of start-ups. Web3 afficionado. Master’s Degree in Psychology.
Osito: Narrative Designer. Artist - vast expertise in graphic design, film making, photography and music production. Master’s Degree in Architecture.
Themis: Legal - EU-qualified regulatory lawyer with strong legal background in sectors, such as Gambling, Insurance and Pharma